Agro Farming Consultancy Services 

We provide consultancy services for Plantation Corps and Spices plantation, protection and processing technologies. Company has on its various consultants over 8 scientists and experienced farm owners (many of them trained abroad in advanced laboratories) having expertise in diverse disciplines. 

The company offers project consultancies to individuals on nominal charges on the establishment and maintenance of gardens, farming systems, pests and disease management and post-harvest technology. Major areas of consultancy services provided by us are:

Consultancy Services in Farm Management including

Plantation Crops

  • Areca Nut Plantation Farming
  • Coconut Farming
  • Cocoa Plantation Farming
  • Rubber Plantation Farming
  • Sandal wood Farming
  • Teak wood  Farming
  • Palm Farming


  • Black Pepper Farming
  • Jai Kai (Nut Meg)Plantation Farming
  • Ginger Farming
  • Turmeric Farming
  • Cloves Farming
  • Neem Farming
  • Other Services including
    • Crop Harvesting and Buying from Farm Owners

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